Our School

Hamilton Heights Academy is a public school program of choice, serving children and parents in West Harlem/Washington Heights.

Our mission is to provide an academically rigorous education to a diverse population of students in an atmosphere that is nurturing, supportive, and respectful. We are committed to providing the best aspects of progressive education – every day filled with exploration and discovery – with a commitment to student achievement. Family involvement is at the heart of our program, and making home-school connections is critical to our mission. We celebrate the range of backgrounds and cultures among our population of families and in the community at large.

Initially conceived in 2000 by a group of West Harlem parents and brought to fruition with the support of District 6 administrators, Hamilton Heights Academy is designed as a small school, with two classes per grade. We opened our doors to our first Kindergarten class in 2002, and are growing by a grade each year. In September 2006 we will have classes K-4.

Hamilton Heights Academy is housed within a larger public elementary school, PS28, at 155th St. and Amsterdam Ave. on the border of West Harlem and Washington Heights.